The 3 Most Promising Content Management System

The development of open source Content Management Systems is continuing at an increasing rate. There are new systems emerging constantly and many of these systems are beginning to show promise. Behemoths of the CMS world such as Joomla! and Drupal have been unable to break from a cycle of inadequate change. Perhaps the new generation of CMS that is emerging may be able to change things for the better.

So here’s a list of the most promising CMS’s that you should keep an eye on, as well as the best working options, and those CMS’s that you should spurn:


It’s an absolute winner in this category with a new PHP CMS based off of Radiant CMS. Frog CMS shows the most promise of any CMS that is currently in development. The extremely friendly administrator interface is its golden gem. The community for Frog remains small, but despite this the project is developing quickly, while plugins are constantly being produced at high standards to fill the gaps.

Frog’s strength lies in its developer community which is committed to producing an extremely functional CMS which maintains its user friendliness. The 1.0 version is currently in development and should arrive soon. Frog CMS


This CMS does something very different from other systems in that it integrates the administration with the frontend seamlessly. The only other CMS that does this is LightCMS. Concrete5, however has the same advantages as Frog CMS and is much less complex than its counterpart. Concrete5


Technically it’s not an open source CMS, but what it represents is a step in the right direction. This program was Apple’s first attempt at a web publishing system and works in unison with the .mac (now MobileMe) system. If Apple ever spent any time focusing on delivering a fully outfitted program by adding more to what is already a fantastic system with iWeb, there would be no need for any other CMS. I would keep an eye on Apple in the future for just such a program in their iLife suite. iWeb

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