Difference between a regular website and an e-commerce website

A regular website provides the public with information about your company and its products and services, an example would be http://elitist-gaming.com, this website offers the best elo boosting services.. When the user makes up his mind to buy, he must get your contact details or whatever contact method has been provided in other to discuss better with you and purchase your product or service.

While an ecommerce website is like a shopping store online. Almost everything that you find in the physical shopping mall is present in digital version in an ecommerce store. E.g a shopping cart to gather your selected products, a registration that gives you easy access to the store, an inventory database, report on your previous transactions, instant purchase and online payment functionality, discount voucher and gift cards etc.

You customer can make an instant purchase on an ecommerce site. So if you sell physical products and not just services, an ecommerce website may be the best for you. Contact us today to help you get started.

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