Our Products

1. Domain Registration and Web Hosting:


1. Secure and Hacker proof hosting space.
2. Mailchannel installed to prevent email blacklisting and enhance reputation.
3. Spam assassin to control spam and its effect on your email.
4. Industry’s best engineers on ground 24/7 at our collocation center in Texas where our servers
5. 100% server uptime to make sure your website is live 24/7. No “server not found” error.
6. Constant power supply and backup at our collocation center to run our servers.
7. Years of experience in the web hosting and design industry.
8. Industry most effective antivirus installed on our servers.
9. 24/7 support, availability and accessibility.

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2. Nihtem Invoicing like ABC


1. Manage invoices and payments easily
2. Best designed user interface
3. Useful sales and CRM reports
4. Professional looking invoices with logo
5. Ability to invoice in different currencies
6. Print or email as pdf invoices
7. Organize partner profiles dynamically
8. Import existing customer data
9. Possibility to add notes to invoices

3. SMS Marketing as Simple as ABC


1. SMS phone leads
2. Bulk SMS Marketing Platform